We produce a selection of low voltage power factor correction capacitors.

Below you can see technical data for our products.

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Technical data
Rated Voltage Un See selection list
Rated Power kVAr See selection list
Rated Current In See selection list
Rated Frequency fn 50/60 Hz
Tolerance on capacitance -5 / +10%
- at the terminals
- dielectric
≤ 0,4 W/kvar
≤ 0,25 W/kvar
Insulation level AC Un ≤ 660 V 3/15kV
Temperature class -25/D (maximum +55°C), other categories on request
Permitted storage temperature -30°C / +70°C
Cooling Naturally air cooled (or forced cooled)
Permissible Relative Humidity Hrel 95%
Degree of Protection IP20 , other option on request
Installation / Application Indoor
Mounting & Earthling Threaded M12 stud at bottom of casing
Casing Cylindrical-Extruded Aluminium can
Terminals Faston double, M8screw, M12screw, Screw connector
Mounting position Upright, horizontal
Discharge Resistor / Time Standard discharge time ≤ 3min. to 75 V
Other discharge time on request
Safety Features Self Healing
Pressure Sensitive Disconnector
(every phase PFC-C/D)
Filling with plant oil ( non PCB)
Dielectric Metallized Polypropylene film
Permitted Overload Umax
1,3 x Un (8 ur per day)
4 x In (rated current)
In-rush current IRSC 200 x In max.
Test Voltage (Terminal - Terminal) UTT 2,15 x Un AC 10sec
Test Voltage (Terminal - Casing) UT-C ≤ 660V, 3600V AC 2sec
Standards IEC Pub.831-1-2, EN60831-1+2